The day I got married, one of my closest friends looked me in the eye and said "God has many wild and wonderful things ahead for you and Jeremy."

Being called mom by 7 kids is definitely wild. Each day I look for the wonder in it all...and give thanks.

Partnering with my husband in life, parenting, work and serving is definitely wonderful. He is my favorite.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

You can't

These past few months as I have been

thinking about homeschooling,
praying about homeschooling,
and now planning,
researching curriculums,
and talking to other homeschool families,

I have to share the most powerful advice I have gotten from one homeschool mom.

Before we made our decision,
I worried,
I fretted,
I felt overwhelmed,
I cried,
I didn't know what or how I would do it.

How would I handle everything and fit it all in?

One afternoon, I was sharing my concern with another homeschool mom and she could see my desperation and hear the defeat in my voice.

I asked the question aloud to myself, not expecting an answer,
"How will I do it all?"

She simply said,

"You can't."


Those two words changed everything.

As I let that truth sink in,

I felt so relieved.


And for the first time, I felt no worry, no fear, no anxiety.

And we began to shift our thinking. 
We began to ask ourselves what can be taken off my plate. 
What needs to change to make this work?

I can't do it all.
and I am so glad!

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