The day I got married, one of my closest friends looked me in the eye and said "God has many wild and wonderful things ahead for you and Jeremy."

Being called mom by 7 kids is definitely wild. Each day I look for the wonder in it all...and give thanks.

Partnering with my husband in life, parenting, work and serving is definitely wonderful. He is my favorite.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Another launch

A lot has changed since I wrote this post. And even more has changed since we took this picture...

Dear Wesley,
You have become a person I really like. You know I have always loved you with my whole heart, but now you are a person that I like...a whole lot.  You are a person I really enjoy being with. I love how you make people laugh. I love how you can dance with friends, old ladies, pre-schoolers, or just by yourself and you have fun with it no matter who is around.

When these pictures were taken, you were able to climb out of your little bed and make your way to a cozy place between mom and dad every night. We would wake up to take you back to your room some nights and eventually we would just wake up to the alarm and find you in between us. We thought you would never grow out of it....but you did.

I love how you love adventure. I love how you love experiences. I love how you love your quiet spaces too. Many times I have found drawings or letters written during those quiet times showing what you care about, what you think about, what you wish for. 

I love your patriotic spirit. I love that you care about our Country and the people who serve to keep us free. I love that your passion and interests will grow and take more shape as you go to a school that shares the same values.
9 months
Age 10
Age 14
Age 16
Age 17

almost 18

At this point in your life, at age 18, you are the most delightful person. I was kinda joking kinda not when I told you the first 17 years were just okay, but this year has been so fun. So fun to see you grow and mature. So fun to see you making choices that honor God. So fun to have you home a little longer and have you come and talk to us about your disappointments and hopes.

As you leave, things change. You will hardly be home in 2020 and you will be missed by all of us here. But I am so excited for you. I am so looking forward to the new adventure, new friends, new lessons you will learn. 

You will learn things that you could not have learned under our roof. And I am confident you will continue to be a person I like. A truly delightful person. A person who cares about others and who is cared about. And no matter what, I will love you with my whole heart. 

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Christmas 2019

In 2019 we have 3 kids in Junior High and 4 kids out of High School!

Do you like rollercoasters? Sometimes life feels like a rollercoaster. Some rollercoasters are fun, I’m sure, but some have hard, quick, painful turns and creak as you take the slow rise up. It’s hard to enjoy the view as you creak upward because you are dreading the next fall. I confess I’m often guilty of worry and dread when I should be grateful for the current view. My Christmas letter each year is a chance for me to breathe and just take in the view.

As 2019 passed, one truth is sure, God has been very close. Close in the waiting. Close in the apprehension. Close in the hopes realized and in the disappointments. And in ALL of it, we can see His bountiful goodness.

Goodness is shown through His people oftentimes. Marian, Katerin and Mom visited Colombia for the first time since our adoption. We planned on a short trip to see birthfamily and enjoy Colombian food. Upon entering the country we were told the girls must have new passports before they would be permitted to leave. We only had 3 days! But a missionary we had barely met ushered us in securing documents miraculously fast that would allow us to come home just two days delayed. (talk about a ROLLERCOASTER)! She also graciously facilitated our first reunions with birthfamily.
Jeanene with Children's Vision International

Emily graduated from the PATHS Program at Texas A&M in May and is living in Bryan with her kitty, Daisy. Like many 20 year olds, she is trying to find a job and figure out what she is supposed to do with her life. She loves her church. Emily is being mentored and enjoys her Life Group and church activities—it’s her biggest motivation to finding a job there.

Wesley learned about College of the Ozarks on New Year’s Day this year, the day after priority applications were accepted. He applied late, and then we discovered he was one of probably 4,000 applicants and C of O only accepts 400 freshmen. Our visit to campus last February only increased our hope and apprehension of Wes not being accepted. In the waiting, God kept introducing us to people connected to the school and with each introduction, more letters of recommendation were sent on his behalf. Wes got a call at the end of July with his Acceptance for January 2020! We are beyond grateful and excited, but pray for us (mom especially) as we head out in a few days to take him to Branson, MO.

Last Spring, another “impossible” event took place in our family….Dad agreed to letting Savannah have 2 indoor cats! Savannah is the best cat mommy to Snowball and Clarabelle and thankfully they are sweet enough for the rest of us to endure the cat hair and cat litter in the back room. I keep hoping the cat hair will motivate the boys to get their clean clothes off the couch and put away. That might be one hope not realized until they move out.

Last March some of you supported Jeremy, Katerin, Marian, and Wesley as they went on a mission trip to Honduras—thank you! They not only used their gifts in speaking Spanish, but they got to share the True Gift, Jesus. Jeremy had the privilege of seeing Marian, Wes, Katerin and all the students partner with the ministry there and serve courageously. What a view! Some of you also generously supported Katerin as she served in Central Asia for 8 weeks this past summer. She shared some reflections from her time there here.  

Omar, Saimon and Savannah are in Junior High together. Do you remember what you loved about Junior High? Me neither! It’s a rollercoaster for sure, but overall I am proud of them for who they are becoming. They face things I never have had to face, and I see them grow stronger and more confident as they handle challenges. I admire them for that.

Recently our family said goodbye to our sweet dog, Maddie--she was the best dog for our family. We wanted to believe she would always be with us. She is missed every day. We are so thankful she chose us and was ours from January 11, 2011 to November 30, 2019.

On this rollercoaster, I am challenged to keep my head up and eyes on our good God, instead of on my white knuckles clinging to the safety bar.  God is so good, it’s not even fair. Do you know Him? He made a way through Jesus. If you haven’t heard, He’s a pretty big deal. He changed everything when He was born in a manger long ago. He changes us. And that’s so good of Him.                                                                                           Merry Christmas from all the Evermons!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

One Summer Update

Dear Family and Friends,
First, I want to start with an apology for taking so long to update you about my summer and what God did during my time overseas. Second, I want to thank you so much for your spiritual and financial support throughout this journey. And finally, I am blessed to have you in my life and the encouragement that you have provided in my faith. This past summer has been one of the most difficult yet most rewarding summers that I have gone through. It was difficult leaving my family and friends here in the States, and even more difficult to leave Colombia and my birthfamily after a few days visit. Yet in the midst of it all, God provided comfort and peace through His word. I went overseas with many different emotions, and I did not know what to expect. During the beginning of my trip, I struggled with the idea that my birthfamily did not know the Lord, and I also missed them as well. Even though I needed to figure out all these emotions, it was important for me to put them aside so I could fully take my summer trip in.

Every international trip that I have taken in the past I have been the leader. I would be the one that knew the spoken language and culture. I was always the one that people leaned on, and I have always loved it. However, when I got to Central Asia, all that changed. I had to become teachable and dependent on others. I had to learn, adapt, and understand a new language, culture, and way of living. It was hard to depend on others, but I was able to learn a lot.

Here are some interesting things that I learned:

Where I visited, two languages were spoken. Neither of them I know. Therefore, the only way that I could communicate at the beginning of the trip was through a smile. Well, that was not effective either. When I smiled at women, they would not smile back, but when I smiled at men, they would take it as flirting. After a week there, I finally realized that I had been flirting with every man in the city. Yay me. I was very shocked when my mentor told me about this because the only way that I had been able to communicate was through a smile, and now that was taken away. Another thing that I learned was that you will always be out of your comfort zone in the mission field. When I was there, I told myself to get out of my comfort zone, but the thing was that I already was. I did not have the control to be in my comfort zone in a place where I did not know the culture or language. Here in the States, we have control of whether or not to get out of our comfort, yet we choose to be in our little bubble. It is something we never think about.

We always talk about the missionaries that are jailed or killed because of their faith, but we never talk about the missionaries that struggle every single day. Here in the States, we think that missionaries are telling every single person about Christ and that many are coming to Christ. That would be nice, but in reality, it takes so much more than sharing Christ. I was able to watch the missionaries during my time overseas and it opened my eyes to missions. They had to adjust to a new culture, language, and beliefs. They built relationships for years, made a living, and did daily things that take more work compared to doing them in the States. Some missionaries are in a place for years and see no one come to Christ. Not only do these missionaries go to a new country, but they leave the people and places that they love behind. During all these things, they carefully share Christ through their actions, words, deeds, and more.

After seeing what I saw overseas, I still want to follow where God is calling me. I know for sure God is calling me to international missions. After seeing how hard it will be, I still want to go. Yes, sometimes I think God is crazy, but He is by my side. All that I am doing is not about me, it is about the One who died for me and I get the opportunity to share His testimony.

God is doing amazing things through my life, and I cannot wait to see what is next. Thank you for your support and for taking the time to read this. If you want more specific stories, please let me know 😊

Please pray for the missionaries, the people, and the governments in Central Asia.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Maddie Madeline

Thanksgiving Day 2019

You chose us January 11, 2011. From the moment I saw you I knew you were ours. You came free. Although Dad would argue you weren’t free with the added fencing we put in the backyard and new vet bill.

Even though we labored to keep you in the backyard when you went outside, your free spirit always found a way to escape. You would run like a deer and we would call your name in hopes to stop you from getting out. You would stop and lock eyes with us for a brief second, and then you would BOLT.

That look was stubborn. 

That look was determined. 

But that look was also like a promise. 

You knew you were ours and you knew you would come back. After a half hour, or sometimes a few worried hours on our part, of freedom and frolicking and exploring, you would always come back. If we had to leave you out, we would come home to find you in the front yard, like you were securing the premises. I compared you to Hank the Cowdog because you acted like you were the Head of Ranch Security. And Ranch Security included our property, the cow field next door, the neighbors’ chicken coop, and Spring Creek Park.

You were a survivor. We thought we lost you more than once. You got hit by a car (actually you ran right into a moving car), bit by a coral snake (as you slung it around by your mouth), and we sure disappointed one young couple that had loaded you up into their jeep until we stopped to ask if they had seen you. 

You were ours. 

One stormy night around 3am, we got a call from the gas station on Hwy 249 more than a mile away. Somehow you had gotten that far during a heavy thunderstorm. I don’t even know how you were gone. But you were ours. And God made sure you came back home that night, shaking, wet and cold in my car at 3am. 

I think we wanted to believe that you would always survive and you would always come back.

I’ve had just a handful of dogs in my life but you were my favorite. You didn’t shed. You didn’t have a tail that could whack a small child off their feet. You would follow me around the house, finding a spot to curl up close by, until I left the room and you had to come with me. You endured the kids’ costumes and headbands they found for you. You gladly slept on their beds as they not so fairly took turns taking you.

You got spoiled to Pawpaw feeding you from his plate these past few months when he lived with us. With Nana and Pawpaw came Memah who was your best dog friend by far. The two of you would get on couches and dig holes in the yard and politely share your food bowls. We wondered how you would get along without each other when Memah moved, but that turned out to be just one week.

You were healthy and active and then you were not. That last night we had you, none of us had any idea. You put your chin on Katerin’s lap at the dinner table. You hung around as we decorated the Christmas tree. You were laying under the table while we played cards above you. You jumped up when Saimon called upon you to scare the cats back to the back. You had learned to behave with the cats. You were a good dog.
Our last night with you

We miss you, Maddie. Finding pictures of you on my phone and seeing all the videos and pics Katerin and Wesley are posting bring tears. We had no idea you would go so quickly. But I’m thankful. I’m thankful that you were ours from January 11, 2011 to November 30, 2019. I’m thankful we did not have to watch you suffer long. I’m thankful all the kids were home and got to tell you goodbye. I’m thankful we were with you when your heart stopped beating….that you felt our love to the end.

Dad said it best when he wrote on your burial box, “Thank you for choosing us!” You will always be missed. I am reminded every time the door is left open and I want to hurry to close it before you get out. But you are no longer to escape. Emily said you have made "your greatest escape."

We will love you forever, Maddie Madeline!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Life is Sweet

Life is sweet!

Even though we are a KING SIZE family, I would say we are still FUN SIZE. MOUNDS of events, mostly SWEET with a few SOUR PATCHES, took place as the earth took its ORBIT around the sun this past year. 

If I were to pick a candy to help describe our year for each in our family, it would go like this…

Katerin would get SNICKERS. Milk chocolate, peanuts, caramel, nougat---it satifies. Katerin is more than satisfied with her Sophomore year—she loves UMHB, she loves her friends (we do too!), she is doing so well managing her courses and work, and we are immensely proud of the young woman she has become (more than satisfied!)

For Emily, I would choose SWEETTARTS. Emily graduated High school—sweet! She was accepted into the PATHS Program at Texas A&Msweet! But with these blessings, came overwhelming and anxiety-inducing changes (tart), for which Emily was uncertain if she was ready. This year has proven Emily to have been beyond prepared as she has navigated life in a new city, new expectations and new friends—sweet!

For Marian, I think of STARBURST. She has a rigorous schedule her Senior year with the EMT program and her other courses, working as a gymnastics coach, and looking for a second job to pay for a Europe Trip with the EMT students.  She is just a rock star at managing all of it. Marian also got to shine this year as she was nominated on the Homecoming Court!

Wesley would be EXTRA. Anything Wesley does, he goes all out. His hair, his humor, and when he displays his patriotic spirit—he not only dresses head to toe in stars and stripes, but he carries his flag pole proudly displaying the American flag. Wes is the only one in the family that wants to dress in a suit for family pictures (we compromised and let him wear a sports coat). Wesley is not just extra with his appearance, it shows in his heart too. He spent Thanksgiving break with his “brothers” in Rwanda—encouraging and serving others.

I would choose MR. GOODBAR for Omar. Omar is well-liked by teachers, coaches, peers and the girls. He is good at anything he tries--percussion, football, swim, and self-taught flips. He always has a smile on his face and often offers a helping hand.

Saimon is a FIREBALL. This kid is full of endless energy and just like a fireball candy, sometimes he is too much. But we love his intense passion, his giant, tender heart, and his excitement. The way Saimon tackles projects with dad is unmatched by anyone else. And his ability to sing along to every song with his sweet, raspy voice amazes me.

If M&M’s stood for “making memories” this would be the perfect candy for Savannah. Savannah loves to plan family game night and family movie night with whoever will attend. She counts down to the day when the siblings choose their Secret Santa names and she helps keep the Elf on the Shelf moving day to day. Savannah loves old traditions and enjoys creating new ones.

For Jeremy and I, there is no other person in the entire MILKY WAY we would rather be with than each other. This year we celebrate 23 years of marriage and we do not take for granted that we enjoy working, serving, and parenting together (most days).

This time of year, we are especially thankful for Jesus, our LIFE SAVER. Without His birth, we would not enjoy these sweet gifts. We certainly do not deserve them. Much of daily life is spent “bracing for impact” so recalling these sweet things is just as much for us as it is to share with you.

We wish you a SWEET Christmas filled with the best kinds of gifts, The Evermons

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Tomball High School Homecoming happened this past weekend and we had the awesome privilege of escorting Marian at halftime for Homecoming Court.

As with any big event, the moments can buzz by and I hardly have time to appreciate them with everything going on.  

But this is one moment I did not want to just buzz on by.

I don’t think we have ever dressed up so much for a football game before. Jeremy and I arrived early to save seats for family and friends…

We prepared to walk with the court 8 minutes before halftime—pinning boutonnieres, taking pictures, listening to instructions. 

As we rounded the track to wait for the time the court would walk on the field, Marian told us how the speaker would talk about each candidate. And we soon became aware that the 3 of us would walk down the 50-yard line with the attention of the crowd in the stadium 

My heart might have skipped a few beats.
I thought we would be going as one big group.
Now I'm starting to pray we don't trip arm-in-arm.

I became increasingly aware that this was A BIG MOMENT.  To have Marian honored this way by her peers was so incredible! What an honor for her to be nominated out of hundreds of students.

Even if she was not chosen as Homecoming Queen, 
sharing this moment with her was an absolute gift!
Thanks, Kara, for this pic!!

Although we could not hear the announcer very well from the field, I asked him to send me her bio and this proud mom is sharing it with the world!   

Marian Evermon is being escorted by her parents, Jeremy and Vanessa Evermon.  Marian is a member of the Varsity Chorale and is in the EMT Practicum Certification course.  Marian also coaches gymnastics from ages 2-15, participates in the Princess Project, which sings to hospitals, orphanages, and nursing homes to spread cheer to those in need.  During the summer, she attends mission trips to places like South Padre’ and Honduras.  Awards include medals for UIL Solo & Ensemble with the highest score of 1.  Her future plans include getting her EMT certification and after graduation becoming a paramedic and firefighter.  Her favorite memory at THS is of playing volleyball her freshman year.  She hopes to play in college.

This was such a fun homecoming!  Memorable for sure! 
And not just for our girl, but for our boy too.
Marian & Wes (who call themselves "twins")

So beautiful--wish I could say she gets it from me ;)

 The rest of hoco festivities... included hair...

(thanks for the referral, Sara--he loved it!)

 exchanging mums...

 last minute shopping, pictures, dinner, dance, and a late night...