The day I got married, one of my closest friends looked me in the eye and said "God has many wild and wonderful things ahead for you and Jeremy."

Being called mom by 7 kids is definitely wild. Each day I look for the wonder in it all...and give thanks.

Partnering with my husband in life, parenting, work and serving is definitely wonderful. He is my favorite.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Diet is a four letter word

So how are we doing with our diet?

(I tried calling it an "eating plan" but that did not last long.
We all call it "the diet")

I can sum up week one in a few words:
crazily reading labels

repeat multiple times a day

One of the hardest parts has been the constant crankiness, cravings, and crying. 

I don't know who is worse--me or the other 4 people I live with.

Week 2 is just like week 1 but I got just a tad faster at the chopping, cooking, and cleaning.

I was not as cranky,
turned a corner on the cravings,
and I only cried once.
(maybe twice)

I started a compost pile
and talked to my mom about helping me plan a garden.
(I'm kind of scared to look at my grocery bill so far this month).

We are making it.

Although leaving the house is always a challenge.  We had a road trip the first week and stopped at Buc-ee's--
big mistake.

We could not get ONE THING at Buc-ee's.
 not a thing
(already had apples and melons in the car)

Savannah started crying as we were leaving and yelled,

Tonight was the first night the kids really gobbled up dinner--Day 16.
I made Texas Chili (secret ingredient was pumpkin), sweet potato chips, and BBQ Chicken Wings.

I have done a lot with sweet potatoes---pancakes, cookies, fries, chips, and just plain baked.

They are not Wesley's favorite.

Funniest thing so far is that one night Emily asked if we could have french onion dip.  I started thinking about how I could make it with ingredients we can have and I began thinking out loud,


Wesley quickly interrupted, "Please don't add sweet potatoes!"

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cuttin' Up

Okay I haven't been here in a while because I've been

cuttin' up


February 1st was the first day of our new eating plan.  It's called the Spectrum Balance Protocol Diet and we are committed to it for the entire month. 

(much, I mean MUCH to the chagrin of my children) 
This is what they thought of the food list

It's similar to the Paleo Diet you might have heard of but with some small differences. 

Since we started 3 days ago, I have been in the kitchen cutting up stuff for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between! 

You do not realize how hard this is for me.

  I have realized two things in the past 72 hours...
1) I need new knives. (not exactly what I had in mind for my birthday)
2) I had no idea how easy my "processed" life was.

When I say processed, I mean 9 times out of 10, I could pour something out of a box or can and add liquid.


So this feels like the hardest thing I have ever done.
(I am sure it's not,
my memory is not great,
but after 28,
oh, wait, 29 days
of this,

my memory should be better).

Emily is addicted to carbs and sugars (don't know where she gets it from) so the first day was really bad.  She kept going to the pantry which now looks like this

Those plastic crates used to hold bread and chips.
And the shelf was full of cereal and crackers and microwave popcorn and hot chocolate mix.....

and slamming the door again, crying for chocolate.
(I finally locked the pantry door)

She was going through withdrawal so we examined the food list again to see if there was something she could have that simulated a dessert.

Brown sugar.

So I gave her 3 tablespoons which she ate


rather scornfully.

Wesley tried it with a little honey (also on the list)

That smile did not last long.

So we have almost finished day 3 with 26 more to go. 

(haven't committed beyond February


I'll let you know.