The day I got married, one of my closest friends looked me in the eye and said "God has many wild and wonderful things ahead for you and Jeremy."

Being called mom by 7 kids is definitely wild. Each day I look for the wonder in it all...and give thanks.

Partnering with my husband in life, parenting, work and serving is definitely wonderful. He is my favorite.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Emily!

(I am sorry it has taken so long to get back here--we've been busy  And before I share our big news I have to pause because...)

Today, we celebrate Emily's 12th birthday!
Twelve years ago I was lying in the hospital eager to hear the nurse's report each time she checked on me.  

Waiting for your first child to be born is a feeling like no other.  
(I'm not even talking about labor pains!)

Thanks to an epidural and being dialated to 4 cm when I arrived at the hospital, Emily came rather easily.
Good thing because Jeremy was pretty much useless.
I lost him when he watched the epidural needle get placed in my back.
Poor guy--the nurses attended to him more than me!

Twelve years ago, we became parents.
Jeremy prayed for a beautiful daughter that we would call Emily.

He picked her first name. 
If he or his brother had been girls, Emily was the name his parents had picked out.

I picked Noel for her middle name.
I love Christmas!

 Emily Noel

simply beautiful
Happy Birthday, Emily!

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