The day I got married, one of my closest friends looked me in the eye and said "God has many wild and wonderful things ahead for you and Jeremy."

Being called mom by 7 kids is definitely wild. Each day I look for the wonder in it all...and give thanks.

Partnering with my husband in life, parenting, work and serving is definitely wonderful. He is my favorite.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Generous people

There is something I have noticed about generous people in the last few weeks and I want to share it.  Recently we had our first fundraiser garage sale for our next Rwanda trip (leave a comment if you want more details about this trip).  Many many people donated items for the garage sale, and a few friends even gave of their time in pricing and helping on garage sale day.  ONE FAMILY even had their OWN garage sale the same weekend and gave us the money they made!!  You know who you are and you totally ROCK!

But this is the thing that I notice about these folks:
they give generously and abundantly of their time, money, and/or resources and to them,
it is no big deal...
like of course they would give so abundantly. 

They don't even think twice about it--it is just what they do.

And I am amazed by them.

I am utterly humbled and it just makes me want to
live generously,
give abundantly,
and be a wise steward of what we have been given.

I want to live like that!

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